About Team Synergein Global Solutions

Team Synergein Global Solutions was incorporated to offer specialized BPO services ranging from traditional contact center solutions to Robotic Process Automation. The clients can reduce their operational costs by partnering with us. Our rich contact center solutions and expertise coupled with advanced technology makes us the ideal partner for your business.
Our Omni-channel, 24/7/365 call center outsourcing is ready to delivery brilliant customer engagement on every customer connect.

Why Choose Us?

Outsourcing Accelerates Growth. At TSG Solutions, we focus on cost optimization which ensures quality is not compromised. We are the first point of contact for your company and when interacting with your customers we are able to precisely pin-point the areas of improvement, strength and weakness. We evaluate every customer interaction in a quest to identify what makes your customers happy and how best it can deliver. If you are outsourcing your call center to our company, we work along with your team to achieve accelerated growth.

We operate using COPC model:
Generating maximum return (productivity) for your organization
Innovate and Exploit professional potential/capabilities available outside the organization
High responsiveness